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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Pokémon Unite Release Date on Mobile Announced With Pre-Registration Bonuses

Nintendo started its Pokémon Presents event in grand style by announcing Pokémon Unite is coming to mobile a lot sooner than you think. Besides confirming the mobile version can also be played with Trainers coming from the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo also showed some of the new Pokémon that’ll be added to every version of the game in future updates.

Players willing to pre-register to play Pokémon Unite on mobile might help the whole community to get some nice bonuses. If 2.5 million people pre-register before the release of the game’s mobile version, all players will get Unite License featuring Pikachu. If the pre-registration numbers reach 5 million players, a special Festival Style will also be available to Pikachu. Given that Pokémon has an active base of fans worldwide, creating community goals is a smart way to make players convince their friends to also pre-register to Pokémon Unite.

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There’s also a special bonus for Switch players who log in to the game before August 31: a Unite License featuring Zeraora.

The free-to-play MOBA set in the Pokémon universe is available on the Nintendo Switch since last July, but with a mobile version, the base of players should drastically increase. In addition, cross-play is an excellent strategy for Nintendo to keep Pokémon Unite alive, as without an active community, free-to-play games tend to become unplayable.

Pokémon Unite is available right now on the Nintendo Switch. The MOBA will come to mobiles on September 22, with pre-registration open right now on the App Store and on Google Play Store. Watch the announcement below.

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