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Monday, August 16, 2021

Pokémon Unite Blissey Release Date Revealed For New Character

Pokémon Unite is the first Pokémon MOBA and has already made an impact with MOBA fans and Pokémon fans alike. Players can play as some of their favorite Pokémon and work together to win. The game launched with a roster of 20 or so Pokémon and promised more would be coming. The Pokémon Company just announced a release date of the next Pokémon to be added, Blissey!

Pokémon Unite foregoes the typical type advantage seen in the main franchise and instead adopts a system of roles. These roles include Attacker, All-Rounder, Defender, Speedster, and Support. Each role has a set number of Pokémon across a roster of 20 or so Pokémon with Support and Defender only having three options. This changes with Blissey's announcement as the normal type Pokémon will be the next Support Pokémon added.

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The first to be added to the roster was Gardevoir, an Attack Pokémon. Fans assumed that Blastoise, a Defender Pokémon, would be the next added as it was announced alongside Gardevoir. However, it is instead Blissey that makes its way into the lanes of Pokémon Unite. Like other Pokémon, the player must simply purchase the Unite License to use Blissey.

As a Support Pokémon, Blissey opts to use healing moves or moves that increase its allies' basic attack speed. Its Unite Move, Bliss Assistance, will allow it to dash to an ally and protect them from attacks. This will add more diversity in choosing a Support character as Wigglytuff and Eldegoss have primarily dominated this role.

You can get a first look at Blissey and its kit here on Pokémon Unite's official Twitter below. Blissey will become available in Pokémon Unite tomorrow August 18.

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