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Monday, August 16, 2021

Noah’s Shark Trailer Reveals the Hidden Great White Secret Guarding the Biblical Ark

If you ever wondered why no one ever tried to find the famous Noah’s Ark from the Bible stories, well, you’re about to discover the true reason. Wild Eye Releasing has debuted the trailer for Noah’s Shark, which is set to premiere next November.

In case you didn’t notice the title wordplay in director Mark Polonia’s film, the remains of Noah's famous Ark (you know, the Ark) are protected by both an ancient curse and a prehistoric great white shark, which, you know, might make life difficult for someone who tries to unveil its secrets. Nevertheless, this is exactly what a fame-seeking televangelist and his film crew will set out to do: they embark on a journey to reveal the hidden mystery of the ark, but the trailer suggests they are about to find way more than what they were looking for.

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The first look at Noah’s Shark reveals that the movie isn’t afraid to be as insane as it sounds. The footage reveals a horned witch (who, presumably, is the one who cast the curse on the ark), a Gandalf-like man who appears to be in control of the great white, a priest that detects a possessed piece of wood, and lots and lots of shark attacks.

This is only the latest in a long list of shark movies from Polonia. He has previously directed titles such as Virus Shark, Shark Encounters of the Third Kind, Sharkenstein, Jurassic Shark 2: Aquapocalipse, and the upcoming Sharkula. Polonia is also no stranger to films about mythical creatures, having directed Frozen Sasquatch, Bigfoot vs. Zombies, and Bride of the Werewolf.

Noah’s Shark features Jeff Kirkendall, Tim Hatch, Jamie Morgan, Samantha Coolidge, and Ryan Dalto. The film will premiere this November, and in the meantime, you can check out the full trailer and poster below:

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