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Friday, August 6, 2021

No Responders Left Behind Trailer Reveals Jon Stewart's Charge to Support 9/11 First Responders

Discovery+ has debuted the first trailer for No Responders Left Behind, the upcoming documentary that centers around many of the first responders who were on the scene in New York City in the midst of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Jon Stewart also plays an important role in the documentary. For many years, Stewart has been fighting tirelessly to get these brave men and women the financial support and medical care that their government promised them — and it has been an all-consuming task, to say the least. No Responders Left Behind will premiere on Discovery+ September 9.

The trailer alone features several interviews of first responders telling their stories about how hard life has been in the wake of 9/11. Many are sick with lung problems and PTSD from their first-hand involvement with the tragedy. Others talk about the hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses they have suffered as a result of being there on that fateful day. Yet others, many of whom have families to support, lament the fact that the after-effects have been so financially debilitating that they face losing their homes.

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"No Responders Left Behind is a profile of the grit and perseverance of a few determined individuals who fought to ensure the rights of the men and women who put their health on the line and showed up to help in the days and weeks that followed that fateful day 20 years go,” said Lisa Holme, SVP of Content and Commercial Strategy, Discovery, Inc. "This compelling film does what we set out to do with discovery+ documentaries: tell the most important stories of our time and help give a voice to the voiceless."

"I am grateful Jon Stewart and John Feal allowed me to document their journey for justice,” stated director Rob Lindsay. "No Responders Left Behind shines a light on a group of grass roots social activists who challenged the system and won. I am thrilled to partner with Discovery Plus to bring these stories to life."

No Responders Left Behind is produced by Paradox Pictures Inc. as well as Kelly Zemnickis, Kristine Yanoff, and Jaime Sanchez. The documentary will premiere September 9 on Discovery+. Check out the emotionally moving trailer below:

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