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Friday, August 27, 2021

Metroid Dread: New Trailer Gives a Closer Look at a Mysterious Chozo Villain and New Abilities

Nintendo has released a new trailer for their long-awaited upcoming Switch title, Metroid Dread. The developer team behind the game even took the time to write up Metroid Dread Report: Vol. 6: A Deep Dive into the Latest Trailer to give fans a small explanation of what to expect from the game. The newest trailer showcased protagonist Samus Aran’s new abilities as she navigates planet ZDR and also features a closer look at the mysterious villain that bested our hero by taking away nearly all her abilities.

Speaking of abilities, the report outlined what exactly Samus will be able to do, with some abilities and weapons being brand new and some returning from other games. Some require Aeion energy, such as the flash shift move and pulse radar, while others allow Samus to destroy enemies in a unique attack, as seen with the ice missile maneuver, or reach places she would not be able to reach otherwise, like with the grapple beam. Other abilities shown in the trailer include the storm missile, cross bomb, speed booster, shinespark, and screw attack.

The development team also mentioned what players can expect from Samus' new abilities and how the old ones have been improved:

"There are so many new and returning abilities revealed in this trailer! It may be difficult to wrap your head around everything shown if you only watch it once, so we suggest watching the trailer again after reading this report. ... In particular, the abilities for traversal are much improved when compared to previous Metroid games. We think you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of ways to explore the map with them. For example, you can use Speed Booster in combination with wall jumping and sliding. The places where you can do this may surprise you, and we hope you try lots of different things during your adventure."

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As for the dark and mysterious villains, it appears that Dread will feature the very first living Chozo warrior along with robots that favor the Chozo:

"While many remnants of Chozo civilization have appeared in prior Metroid games – including technologies and statues – this is the first game in which an actual, living Chozo appears. But just who is this Chozo that battles Samus so fiercely? ... In addition, the video shows what appears to be a Chozo warrior as well as combat robots with a striking resemblance to the Chozo. We have a feeling they will pose a formidable challenge for Samus."

Nintendo has really gone all out with this release by expanding the lore of the Metroid universe and adding new gameplay features and abilities that are sure to offer an exciting experience for the fans. Maybe that $60 price point will be well worth it in the end?

Metroid Dread is expected to release on October 8 for, you guessed it, the Nintendo Switch. Watch the new trailer below:

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