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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Legendary Stunt Performer Brad Allan Passes Away at Age 48

Brad Allan was one the greatest action designers out there, and Jackie Chan's own protégé but Allan has passed away at the age of 48. Famous for his work on movies like Kingsman: A Secret Service, Wonder Woman, and most recently Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, he was someone that brought the styles of classic martial artists like Chan to the modern age on screen.

Starting his training at the age of 10, Allan trained with some of the greats and starred in movies like Gorgeous with Chan himself. His work was revolutionary and that's clear by just how many movies he was responsible for that fans know and love. Allan was one of a kind and someone many flocked to Twitter to share their appreciation for.

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Edgar Wright, who worked with Allan on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, took to Twitter and wrote:

"I’m devastated that the great Brad Allan has left us far too young. He was simply one of the best action directors & designers out there. I was lucky enough to work with him twice (on Scott Pilgrim & The World’s End), and call him a friend. I have more to say about this genius…But I can’t even process that he’s gone. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones. Love you Brad x"

Allan also worked on movies like Solo: A Star Wars Story and Christopher Miller also shared about Allan, having been recommended that he work with him from Wright. "A sad RIP to the super-talented Brad Allan. We brought him on on @edgarwright’s recommendation as the stunt coordinator on SOLO," he wrote on Twitter, giving fans a look into Allan's work with Erin Kellyman's character Enfys Nest. "He was a creative master of fight choreography — helped us design Han and Chewie’s fight in the pit and the Enfys Nest train fight and so much more."

Mortal Kombat's own Max Huang, who is also a part of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team, shared his love for Allan as well, writing:

"Brad Allan, one of my biggest idols has passed away. So grateful to have had the chance to meet, work and learn with/from you. Your spirit will live on in our hearts. As he used to say, Jackie Chan Stunt Team FOREVER!"

Jackie Chan himself wrote in his personal website a goodbye message to Allan, remembering how a young Allan visited the set of Mr. Nice Guy and met Chan, who later hired him as part of his stunt team. "There are no illnesses in heaven. Rest In Peace. Will always be missing you!" wrote Chan.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Mr. Allan's family and friends.

You can see some of Allan's amazing stunt work in the video below:

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