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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Jeffrey Wright on What If?, The Watcher, and Westworld Season 4

One of the reasons What If…? is such a great comic book and why people should be excited for the Disney+ animated series is that literally anything can happen. Since these stories take place in an alternate universe, the storytellers don’t have to worry about continuity, fitting into the current Marvel cinematic universe, or even having characters survive. Every episode takes place in its own universe, which allows for complete creative freedom.

With the first season of What If…? now streaming, I recently spoke to Jeffrey Wright about voicing The Watcher. If you haven’t yet seen the series, The Watcher is a being who exists outside of space and time. He sees every moment that will happen, is happening, has happened, and not just in our universe...

During the interview, Wright talked about why he loves both DC and Marvel fans, the passion of comic book fans, how The Watcher is always watching, how much Marvel told him when he signed on for the role, his reaction to the finished episodes, and more. In addition, with Wright currently filming Westworld Season 4, he teased what fans can look forward to on the upcoming season.

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Check out what Jeffrey Wright had to say in the player above and as usual, I’ve listed everything we talked about below.

Jeffrey Wright

  • How he is one of the few that has managed to do both DC and Marvel projects.
  • Why he loves the passion of the DC and Marvel fans.
  • When he signed on for What If…? did Marvel tell him any plans for the future?
  • Why he loves doing voice work.
  • How the Watcher is always observing…
  • How much do they tell him about every episode as he’s recording?
  • What did he think of the finished episodes versus what he thought during the recording process?
  • Where are they in the filming process for Westworld Season 4?
  • What can fans look forward to this season?

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