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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

James Gunn Reveals The Suicide Squad Trivia, Including Which Member Is Still Alive

James Gunn hosted a Twitter watch party of his movie The Suicide Squad. During the party, he posted several Tweets (using the hashtag #TSSWatchParty), which gave behind the scenes information about the making of the DC movie. These tweets contain spoilers from the movie, so if you have not yet, watch it before reading on.

One of the biggest pieces of info that Gunn gives is revealing the fate of one of the Suicide Squad members. In the beginning of the movie, TDK was part of the first team that was almost entirely killed off immediately, and we can see his detached arms getting shot during the scene, with him suffering. However, Gunn pointed out that TDK did in fact survive the attack explaining that "if you look at the life signals in the Comms hub TDK isn’t dead."

So while we don't see him for the rest of the movie, the character is still very much alive somewhere. Speaking of surviving characters, if you were wondering if we might see any more of Weasal's story, Gunn replied that "I’ve written a lot of ideas for this." Another focus of the Tweets was the character King Shark. When a fan asked him if he ever considered writing the character as a smarter person, Gunn explains that "I wanted to make him the intelligence of what an actual human shark hybrid might be." He also says that he wrote the part with actor Sylvester Stallone in mind.

"I wrote the role of #KingShark thinking of @TheSlyStallone . But we actually recorded the role fully with three other actors - 2 voice actors & one talented screen actor - none of which quite worked - until I asked Sly to do it."

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At one point in the movie, you can see that The Thinker suddenly has a bandage over one of his ears, and it never gets explained. Gunn reveals that this happens during a deleted scene in The Suicide Squad. The scene involves The Thinker attempting to manipulate Polka Dot Man, and while it almost works, he "instead shoots him in the ear." He also describes Polka Dot Man's relationship with the character Milton, explaining that he probably didn't really care much for him, but was "hoping for a little compassion by exaggerating his relationship with him."

Gunn goes into some detail about the relationship between Bloodsport and Ratcatcher 2, particularly by the end of the movie. He describes that she puts her arm around Bloodsport the same way her dad would when she was young, "giving him the love she wished she could." He also goes into detail about his feelings in regards to the death of Rick Flag.

"Rick’s death kills me. I tear up all the time when watching it. Chris Wagner did a hell of a job editing the scene. I got a lot of pushback on the internal heart shot (inspired by Street Fighter) but I wanted people to see very clearly this was actual death."

The Suicide Squad is currently out in theaters and available on HBO Max for subscribers.

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