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Sunday, August 22, 2021

How to Watch Demonic: Is It Streaming or in Theaters?

Twelve years later, and District 9 still stands as one of the best sci-fi films ever made. Writer/director Neill Blomkamp’s oscar-nominated feature debut, produced by Peter Jackson, is a monument to visual effects production and contemporary filmmaking that few genre films have superseded in the years since its release. Blomkamp followed up District 9 with 2013’s Elysium, another science fiction commentary, this time wrapped in a live-action anime aesthetic. It’s now been six years since Chappie, Blomkamp’s third film, initially graced the silver screen, and Blomkamp has since been busy developing short films while experimenting with Oats Studios’ visual effects technology and capability. He founded Oat Studios officially in 2017 and began disseminating shorts on Youtube and Steam.

Four years of experimental short films testing practical and computer-generated effects along with filming techniques and animation, and Blomkamp is back on August 20, 2021 with a surreal horror picture for the digital age called Demonic. Written and directed by Blomkamp, and co-produced by Oats Studios and Stabiliti Studios — he and his brother Mike’s respective film production companies — Demonic’s trailer depicts it as somewhere between Scott Derrickson’s (Sinister) horror stylings and The Cell (2000). Like In the Earth (2021), it was made in secret during the coronavirus epidemic and picked up by a distributor, IFC Midnight, soon after. Collider got an early look at the movie, and our reviewer found it muddled and underwhelming — to be kind.

The film arrives this week, so here’s a look at when and where it’s available.

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Is Demonic in theaters?

Demonic releases in select theaters in the United States on Friday, August 20. Check here to see if Demonic is playing in theaters near you. And with the COVID Delta variant causing case surges nationwide, be sure to check the latest local mandates in your area and follow the necessary safety guidelines before you buy your tickets!

Is Demonic available on VOD?

Demonic is available to rent on Digital and VOD starting on August 20, the same day as its theatrical release. You can rent Demonic on most major digital platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, DIRECTV, Spectrum OnDemand, Google Play, and Vudu.

The film is not yet available for purchase on Digital, VOD, Blu-ray, or DVD. Stay tuned for more purchase options when we know more!

What Is Demonic About?

Demonic follows Carly (Carly Pope) after she’s tasked with discerning her estranged, comatose mother Angela’s (Nathalie Boltt) motive behind a brutal set of slayings. Carly descends into an artificial reality where her mother’s consciousness is being stored in a computer program called The Simulation. Carly’s mind-altering experience in The Simulation loosens her grip on reality as she is plagued by hallucinations, and these hallucinations become validations of a paranormal entity attempting to take hold of her following her experiences in The Simulation. Like District-9, Elysium, and Chappie before it, Demonic contains elements of social critique, depicting a corporate-dominated world that doesn’t respect the value of human life, instead callously exposing Carly to the demons her mother bared in secret.

Where to Watch More Neill Blomkamp Movies on Streaming

Fans of Blomkamp’s feature presentations should seek out his short films produced by Oats Studios, including the commercial Blomkamp directed for the EA game Anthem. Each short is individually available for free on Steam and on YouTube, but for viewers uninterested in clicking around every five minutes, most of the shorts linked on the website are available in a collection called Oat Studios Volume 1, which is available for purchase on Amazon or on Steam. Short films Rakka, Firebase, Zygote, and Adam offer extremely high production value and awesome special effects in conjunction with a bite-sized slice of a story from worlds rife with mystery and danger. Shorts God, Cooking With Bill, Kapture, and Bad President dispenses dark comedy layered over a variety of scenes designed to test practical effects and animation.

With Alien 5 and a Robocop reboot squarely behind him — and Demonic in theaters and on VOD — Blomkamp is looking to complete Inferno, an announced sci-fi thriller about a cop chasing down a murderous monster, and recently teased that the wheels were firmly in motion on District 10, the follow up to his 2009 masterpiece.

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