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Saturday, August 28, 2021

George R. R. Martin's Latest Distraction is Producing Vincent D'Onofrio's Short Film

The prolific writer and author of the widely popular series A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin has turned his attention to the screen and taken on the role of producer in the upcoming short film Night of The Cooters. Martin will be working alongside Vincent D’Onofrio who is set to direct the short and star in the role of Sheriff Lindley, one of the central characters in the short narrative.

Night of the Cooters is based on a 7390-word sci-fi short story written by Howard Waldrop and published back in 1987 as part of a collection of short stories of the same name. Martin’s move to produce the short film animated by Triscope Studios, was revealed in a blog post written by the Game of Thrones’ author. Martin shows his excitement at the prospect of working in this animated short and doesn’t leave out praise for the author of the original story:

“No one else writes like Waldrop. And Howard never writes the same story twice.” He writes before adding, “His best story? Damned hard to say. So many classics.”

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Martin also revealed that the movie adaptation should be no longer than 30 minutes overall. The screenplay is written by Joe Landsdale and members of the voice cast include Hopper Penn, Harrison Page, Martin Sensmeier, Cristin McCleary, Elias Gallegos, Luce Rains, Jazzy Kim O’Brien, and Darius Eteeyan.

Concerning a release date for Night of the Cooters, nothing definite has come out yet. However, Martin shared all he knew of the process and some future possibilities for this film's premiere in his blog:

“We shot everything on green screen, so the post production process is going to be a lengthy one. The ball has now been passed to our friends at Trioscope, who will supply the backgrounds and special effects. We are thinking the final cut won’t be ready until early next year. And once the film is complete… well, alas, I doubt it will be showing at a multiplex near you. It’s a short film, as I said, and shorts just don’t get the distribution of full-length features. They hardly get any distribution at all, sad to say.”

So far, we do not know if we’ll get to see Night of the Cooters on the big screen or some streaming service. But we can rest assured that the Cooters will be coming sometime in the near future.

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