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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Fear Street Ending: Olivia Scott Welch Suspects Will Goode Took the Book

[Editor's note: The following contains spoilers for the full Fear Street trilogy.]It’s been over a month since the final film of the Fear Street trilogy hit Netflix, Fear Street 1666, but that ending is still a mighty hot topic of conversation.

At the end of the trilogy, Deena (Kiana Madeira) puts an end to the Shadyside curse by forcing Nick Goode (Ashley Zukerman) to witness the horrors his family caused and then stabbing him in the eye. But, then a mid-credits scene opens the door for someone else to put the “Simple Exchange” incantation to use. During that scene, an anonymous set of hands snatch up the book Nick left behind, suggesting the evil could return.

We already asked Madeira for her thoughts regarding who she thinks took the book on an episode of Collider Ladies Night, and now it’s co-star Olivia Scott Welch’s turn! Here’s what she said:

“I feel like it’s either another cop or it’s Will Goode, because I’m like those two are the ones that seem logical enough like, who could have access to a crime scene? Who would know about the book enough? Who would believe in witchcraft enough to steal a book? So to me, it seems like Will.”

Matthew Zuk’s Will Goode does seem like a very real possibility. He’s been lucky enough to have good fortune all his life while his brother Nick manages the curse duties passed down to him by their father. Will could be willing to risk anything to preserve his idyllic lifestyle.

During the conversation, I also shared one other especially promising theory with Welch. Madeira suggested Ziggy (Gillian Jacobs) could be the culprit, driven by the never-ending heartbreak of losing her sister to the curse. However, someone in the comments section of that video, a user named XxSun SunsetxX, offered up another angle; what if it’s actually Nurse Lane (Jordana Spiro)? After all, Ziggy does return her notebook to her at the end of 1666. That means she could refer back to her earlier work to find the cave where the “Simple Exchange” book is just sitting in the middle of an unattended crime scene.

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From there, Welch added another curious component that could bolster that theory even further:

“Ziggy or Nurse Lane is really interesting … and also, I’ve looked at people saying, which is kind of something we talked about, to where our characters in the 1600s, we’re in a weird cycle where we’re all kind of experiencing everything at the same time, do you know what I mean? Like a weird metaphysical thing so I’m like, if Nurse Lane has some weird intuitive knowledge of the widow in 1666, she would know about the book.”

Are you convinced? Is Nurse Lane now the prime suspect?

While we wait to see if Netflix gives the green light to more Fear Street films, be sure to check out Welch’s full, uncut Collider Ladies Night conversation in the podcast below:

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