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Monday, August 30, 2021

Deadpool Hero Collector Figures Include French Maid Deadpool and More

Eaglemoss Limited is now offering new, limited selection of Deadpool figurines. They're available for pre-order now off the Eaglemoss Hero Collector website. There are four models available in total, each sold separately. You can purchase Wade "Deadpool" Wilson in his classic Deadpool costume, you can get him dressed up as a French maid, you can buy Deadpool the fancy groom, or even get him in an oversized, generously spacious pair of white boxers with little red hearts on them.

If you're a passionate figuring collector, a Deadpool fan, and have a few inches of shelf space just gathering dust, then these figurines would be perfect for you. They're mounted atop a weighted metal base which protects them from falling off the shelf due to stiff breezes or mischievous cats. They're constructed on a 1:18 scale in full cast metal. Each model is hand-painted down to the smallest detail for flawless perfection.

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Deadpool the comic book character has been around since early 1991 when he appeared in the New Mutants #98 issue. Since then, he has grown into a popular cultural phenomenon which spawned the wildly successful 2016 feature film of the same name. It stars Ryan Reynolds and tells the origin story of how Deadpool was given his powers - but grotesquely disfigured in the process. He breaks up with his girlfriend in shame, only to have to rescue her from the clutches of the man who disfigured him in the first place.

Eaglemoss is a figurine manufacturer run by "overly obsessive", "creatively committed", "passionate perfectionists" which partner with leading entertainment companies to give fans the paraphernalia that they love. They've been around since 1975 and have offices in over half a dozen different countries across the globe. The figurines are currently on sale for $49.95 each, with an estimated delivery date of November 14, 2021. Check out images of the new figures below:

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