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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Comedians Like Tig Notaro and 5 Specials to Watch Right Now

Tig Notaro’s latest stand-up special Drawn is exactly that: drawn. The comedian, known for her quick wit and deadpan delivery, has never been this animated in a special. She dives into largely unexplored terrain for comedians by turning some of her best stories, told at the iconic Largo Theater in Los Angeles, into delightful cartoon adventures. Notaro adheres to her honest and vulnerable self, even if fans don’t see the real her on stage. She talks about a string of life-threatening events that prevented her from grabbing tea with comedian and actress Jenny Slate, the time she had to wear a diaper and her now-wife Stephanie Allynne couldn’t stop laughing, and her fascination with the Kool-Aid Man. Like all of Notaro’s specials, this one leaves you saying, “It’s over already?

Are you craving some more dry delivery and expertly constructed jokes? Well, look no further. Here are five more comedy specials to watch if you loved Tig Notaro’s Drawn.

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Demetri Martin - The Overthinker

Demetri Martin thinks about things a lot. Perhaps too much. In his aptly titled Netflix special The Overthinker, the mellow stand-up comedian, writer, and actor combines his quick wit and musings with drawing and music. Both he and Tig use visual art to convey some of their ideas. Drawn, of course, uses various animation styles to depict each joke premise. In The Overthinker (and most of his specials), Martin brings his giant sketch pad on stage and explains his cartoon drawings to the audience (in one diagram, he breaks down the important differences between laughing alone versus laughing in a group). The two comedians are sure to provide a unique perspective on everyday occurrences. Martin, for example, takes the time to describe how strange he feels every time he “undresses” a cupcake. In Drawn, Tig sees a spider and riffs on what its life must be like living in the rafters.

And heck, Tig Notaro even jokes in Drawn that she could be mistaken for Demetri Martin.

Martin is an Emmy nominated and New York Times bestselling writer. He’s also an alum of Yale University and NYU, and wrote, directed, and starred in the movie Dean, with Gillian Jacobs, Mary Steenburgen, Rory Scovel, and Kevin Kline. In addition to his other Netflix special titled Live (At the Time), and comedy albums available on Spotify, you can find him touring the United States on his “I Feel Funny” 2021 tour.

Sara Schaefer - Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents

Comedian, author, host, and Emmy winner Sara Schaefer shines in her first half-hour stand-up special. In Season 3, Episode 12 of the Comedy Special Stand-Up Presents series, where the popular network showcases some of the funniest and most unique voices in comedy, Schaefer gets a lot off her chest. She starts by dancing onto the stage and breathing heavily into the microphone to catch her breath and sip water, mumbling, “Oh, I wish that was fake.” She breaks down the exact reason why “society is crumbling,” explaining, “There’s one source of the decay of civilization. And that is a particular trend in home decor.” The reason for societal chaos? “Inspirational quotes, on rustic pieces of driftwood, in multiple fonts. If you need a sign to remind you to laugh, are you all right?” (See her bit on “Live, Laugh, Love” signs here.)

Both Schaefer and Notaro lean into self-deprecating humor as well. In this special, Schaefer talks about how particularly scary her scream can be, saying, “I have the kind of scream that makes other people scream.” In Drawn, Notaro says that people ask her why she’s so flat-chested, and rather than saying she had to have a double mastectomy, she says she just assumes her breasts are, “in an alley, just getting run over.” Both comedians own their uniqueness, immediately disarming the crowd and creating a “we’re all friends here” type of environment.

You might have seen Schaefer co-hosting the MTV show Nikki & Sara Live alongside long-time friend and comedian Nikki Glaser. Schaefer’s book, Grand: A Memoir, is available now, as well as her new podcast, The Schaefer Shakedown, in which she dives into her love of all things crafting. In addition to her half-hour special, she has several comedy albums available on Spotify.

Julio Torres - My Favorite Shapes by Julio Torres

Comedy writer, performer, and actor Julio Torres sees things differently from most people. Perhaps he’s an omniscient power sent to help us mere mortals see things beyond the surface level. His love of objects and their secret lives inspired his HBO special My Favorite Shapes by Julio Torres, in which he sits in a futuristic, intergalactic-style set, dressed head-to-toe in an aluminum-like silver ensemble, paired with light glitter and his soothing and meditative voice. He sits behind a small conveyor belt which delivers a new shape for him to explore. He describes everything from the not-so-simple square to a glass prism with an animal “trapped” inside. After assembling a hodgepodge of shapes and saying it’s “Tilda Swinton’s apartment,” he says, “The next shape I want to show you is a very basic geometric shape. It is the Harp of Time. Be careful with the Harp of Time. Don’t play it too quickly or you might end up... yesterday.”

Notaro and Torres both like to immerse their audience into their own imagination; in Drawn, Tig spends an admittedly long time dissecting her childhood obsession with Eddie Van Halen. But Torres takes things to the next level when he indulges the audience in objects’ inner monologues. A tall stiletto housing miniature shoes is voiced by Emma Stone (whose husband Dave McCary directed the special), a blue penguin by Ryan Gosling, and a cactus by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Torres’ ultra-specific and unique outlook on life will change the way you look at simple inanimate objects. He also showcases some of his impressions of objects like a Brita filter (“Do not rush me. The water will be ready when it’s ready”) and the “nasty little curtain” that separates first class and coach.

Torres is known for his work writing for Saturday Night Live and for being a correspondent on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He also teamed up with fellow comedic mastermind and SNL alum Fred Armisen to create, write, and star in the HBO series Los Espookys, and recently played Jules in Together Together with Patti Harrison and Ed Helms. You can stream his special on HBO.

Sarah Tollemache - Voluptuous Boy

New York stand out Sarah Tollemache’s debut special Voluptuous Boy is all about fitting in and navigating the bizarre and awkward situations that come with adulthood. She details how life can be so strange as a New Yorker, from being cramped in a studio apartment and dealing with sketchy landlords, to regularly witnessing people crying in public. Since she recorded this at the New York Comedy Club, the crowd was able to relate to her experiences. She asks, “You guys are from New York, right? A lot of you? All right, cool, so you’ve seen people cry outside.”

In addition to their deadpan delivery, Tollemache and Notaro aren’t afraid to call out the ever-evolving vernacular and overused sayings of those around them. Tig can’t wrap her head around why people say, “Can you believe it?” whenever their child moves up a grade in school. In Voluptuous Boy, Tollemache talks about how “gaslighting” and “narrative” are two terms that everyone — including herself — tries to incorporate into conversation.

Tollemache has appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, You Up w/ Nikki Glaser, and a Comedy Central Roast Battle between her and her husband (fellow comedian Joe List). Stream her comedy special Voluptuous Boy for free on YouTube or listen on Spotify.

Jacob Williams - Unemotional Roller Coaster

New York comedian Jacob Williams spills all of his awkward interactions and the trials and tribulations of online dating in his special Unemotional Roller Coaster. “Unemotional” is a perfect way to describe Williams’ way of performing. Each story the deadpan comic tells is filled with bite-sized jokes that will have you laughing all the way to the final punchline. “I have multiple roommates because things are going really well for me right now. One of my roommates, he’s really into board games, and he was explaining this board game called 7 Wonders to me. And it took him like twenty minutes to explain it and I still don’t know what the ‘seven wonders’ are. But, I’m no longer wondering why he doesn’t have a girlfriend, so.”

In both Drawn and Unemotional Roller Coaster, the comedians make fun of how they look in certain situations. Williams admits he’s so white that his blood-type is “khaki,” and that when people hear he works on the MTV series Wild N’ Out, a hip-hop-meets-improv show, people assume he’s the accountant. Meanwhile, a sizable chunk of Drawn is devoted to Tig hilariously describing how gross she looked in front of her partner during one of Tig’s many hospital stays. The way the two comedians are able to nonchalantly bring up vulnerable experiences and speak out about them in such monotony is a treat.

Williams made it to the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent in 2012, impressing judges Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne, and fellow comedian Howie Mandel. Since then, he’s appeared on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, Adam Devine’s House Party, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. You can stream his special Unemotional Roller Coaster on YouTube or listen on Spotify.

After watching all of those, check out Tig Notaro’s other specials, which include Comedy Central Presents on Comedy Central, Boyish Girl Interrupted on HBO, and Happy to Be Here on Netflix.

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