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Friday, August 6, 2021

Call of Duty Season 5: Black Ops Cold War, Warzone Roadmap Revealed

Season 5 of Call Of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War will be dropping next week, and Activision has shared a detailed roadmap. The season update will bring fresh new modes full of action, zombie updates, and new guns. It will also feature a brand new Japanese operator, Kitsune. Two additional operators will also join forces to help NATO during mid-season. There will be four new weapons, including the TEC-9 and EM2.

The season update will add a brand new game mode for Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players, if you need refreshment from daily TDM and Domination. The new mode is called Double Agent, and will be more tactical than regular shoot and kill. Double Agent is a 10-player mode. You'll be assigned either as a Double Agent, Investigator, or Operative. The priority for double agents is to either kill all or set off explosives around the map. Investigators and operatives will work together to remove the double agent threat by identifying clues and eliminating the threat. Demolition will also return to Black Ops Cold War as a part of the mid-season update.

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The new threat also demands a new way to eliminate them. Season 5 will add Flamethrower as a new scorestreak, that's hot! There are also a total of five fresh new 6v6 and 2v2 maps, three of them on launch and two during mid-season. The five maps are called Echelon, Slums, Showroom, Zoo, and Drive-In. The Zoo map is a similar version of the original Black Ops map. A new perk called Death Perception will be available for Zombie modes. The perk will grant 'perception' to those who drink it, as it will illuminate all obscured threats with an outline. If you feel overwhelmed by zombies, you can use a flamethrower as it will also be available for Zombie modes. You'll need assistance as the Outbreak region is also expanding with Season 5.

The new season will also add two new exclusive perks for Call Of Duty: Warzone—Combat Scout and Tempered. Combat Scout will briefly highlight and automatically ping the enemy when someone shoots. While the Tempered perk will increase the armor value. With the perk, two armors can absorb damage equivalent to three armors, but under this effect, you can only armor up two times. This will come in handy if you have one less armor plate.

There are two new points of interest in Warzone. One is a Mobile Broadcast Station and the other is yet to be revealed. A brand new unlimited respawn mode called Clash will be added this season to Warzone. Clash is a 50v50 respawn mode. It is similar to the previous Warzone Rumble. Season 5 of Call Of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War will be available on August 12.

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