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Friday, August 13, 2021

Annapurna Interactive's Last Stop Game Ending, Explained

Once in a blue moon, there is a game that takes such a sudden left turn in its finale that it sticks in your mind. Last Stop, the new game from publisher Annapurna Interactive, is one such game.

The single-player adventure story focuses on dialogue choices and navigates a narrative built around three distinct characters—John, Donna and Meena—who are all living in a fictionalized version of modern-day London. Broken into three separate six-chapter stories, the game explores how all the characters are impacted by a mysterious gateway to another world that has opened up underneath the subway line that they all ride.

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It is similar in many ways to games like the Life Is Strange series by mixing a character-centered game with a supernatural twist. It is the second game from developer Variable State and it is much more expansive in both gameplay and story than their first game, Virginia.

Last Stop has been receiving somewhat mixed reviews as the third-person gameplay and storytelling choices become rather clunky with little weight given to the decisions the player makes on their journey. However, it all culminates in a conclusion that sees all the storylines come together in a wild finale that is worth a deeper look. The game takes around five to six hours to complete, but it’s a breezy time that really picks up in that last hour. Breaking down the ending requires revealing key details so, be warned, this piece will contain heavy spoilers for the entirety of the game.

Spoilers AheadThe Final Chapter, simply entitled “The Other Side of the Galaxy,” opens with Meena going through the portal to an entirely new world. It is there that she talks with new character Irving who becomes her temporary traveling companion. Meena needs one, too; she is in uncharted territory where everything is totally different to her as an interdimensional traveler. The duo go to a place known only as Coldhabrour where she is dropped off to make her own way.

In this world, there are creatures that fly through the sky, the new characters like Irving are clearly not human, and gravity also appears to have been upended with rocks floating in the sky. There are still trains though...

That is where Donna finds herself, navigating with the mysterious man known only as The Stranger. He doesn’t like being asked any questions and even uses his mysterious green eyes to make another passenger disappear after they pry too deeply. He becomes the closest thing to an antagonist the game has, as his sinister intentions are made increasingly clear in the conclusion of the game.

Meanwhile, John is led through the portal by a man only known as The Vape Lord. He is told he needs tokens to get in and out to ensure he can return to his normal body. This is because John is trapped in the body of his neighbor Jake and the duo have been spending the game trying to navigate each other’s lives, often with humorous results. He then manages to find a bracelet to reverse the body swap and set everything right. At least, he thinks it is all fixed.

The biggest reversal of fate of the trio comes when all three characters meet in the same room in the mysterious world. Meena asks Donna for directions, who signals to her that The Stranger is dangerous. Meena confronts him, though he soon grabs her by the throat. However, she is saved by Donna who stabs The Stranger with a sword and kills him. That is when John walks in and all three are captured by the guards of this strange universe. They are then put into a cage where they all sit together until they are forced to stand trial for murder.

Thankfully, the group manages to escape the dire situation and return back to their own world in one piece. Their escape can be credited to some quick thinking and also the help of Samantha, a character from the opening of the game who was first seen going through the portal. Samantha is now running a pub though declines Meena’s offer to go back with them as she has made a family here. However, she points the group to the best means of escape. They make it through a heavily guarded exit that resembles a striking, vibrant flower. However, all is not over for the trio as they must now make some big respective choices that will forever alter the course of their lives.

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John's Decision

The choice for John becomes whether he will switch back or not.

If he makes the choice to switch back, he is returned to his older body where he is now in a wheelchair and struggling to find work. Jack, now back in his own younger body, pushes John along the street with his daughter, Molly. John then races Molly home, showing he still is leading a joyful life with the person he cares about more than anything.

If he makes the choice to not switch back, John receives a letter about the guardianship of Molly with the looming prospect that she could be taken away from him. Jack in his older body is confined to a bed and John is taking care of him. The two exchange a small smile, and John later sees the bracelet that could make the swap. John then locks it in a drawer along with the letter about the guardianship.

He seems content to live a life that is defined by the freedom of the younger body while also being forever built upon deception. However, all is not terrible as Jack soon is seen up and moving. He gets a diploma, taking a celebratory photo with John and Molly that goes up on the refrigerator in remembrance.

Donna's Decision

For Donna, she must choose whether to bring back those she lost or give herself over to oblivion. She is greeted by The Stranger in her room. He takes on a green, ethereal form and offers her a deal. He says he will bring back those he has killed who are close to her. However, she will have to join The Stranger in whatever realm he inhabits forever after her death.

If she says yes, The Stranger does as promised and returns all her loved ones to her. She awakens the next morning to discover they are all there chatting at the dining room table. Donna sits down to join them, smiling before looking down at her hand to see The Stranger has marked her for when he will come to collect his end of the deal. Donna looks unnerved, before putting it out of her mind to enjoy the time she now has with her family.

If she says no, The Stranger vanishes and says he will never see her again. However, Donna is left to live a life of isolation without those she loves. She must clean up the kitchen all by herself, a somber reminder and precursor to what the remainder of her time on this Earth will look like. As she surveys the spotlessly clean room, she is left without anyone else to share it with. That is, save for a plant that she places on the kitchen table to provide some life to the deathly empty room.

Meena's Decision

Meena’s big moment comes when she talks with Peter Hale, her boss who had been pushing her to bring Samantha back from all those years ago when she disappeared. Meena is going to be reassigned as punishment for not succeeding at this task, even as she tells him Samantha did not want to return. She says she will quit, but Hale threatens to blackmail her with information that implicates her in a double murder.

If Meena agrees to be reassigned in order to protect herself and her family, she walks out the door with a smug Hale watching as she departs. Later, Meena will be left to continue working a desk job. She sits alone in her cubicle with head in hands as she remains trapped by the exact same desks suffocating her from all sides. However, she gets to hug her son out in the world even as she no longer goes inside her husband’s home with him.

If she sticks to her guns by quitting, Meena maintains her pride and walks out the door. This infuriates Hale, who fulfills his threat and gets Meena incarcerated. She later must visit with her son and husband while being locked up. However, her husband extends his hand to Meena as a way of forgiving her. He does this more over the fact that she had cheated on him then for her supposed crime. It is a bittersweet conclusion to her storyline.

More to Come?

With all three characters reaching the end of the journey, the game offers up one final scene. It shows the character Ron walking down the underground hallway towards the portal entrance which bursts open. He shouts an exuberant, “I knew it,” for the final line of the game. It may be a hint of more stories to come, though it also could be just a final stinger to lessen the impact of some of the more tragic ends.

Either way, the game’s conclusion gives the experience a surprising amount of heft and weight that elevates the rest of the game’s more plodding elements. It is this unexpectedly wild conclusion that makes the final stop of Last Stop a thrilling one.

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