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Monday, August 16, 2021

Alicia Silverstone Hilariously Reenacts Iconic Clueless Bed Scene With a New Christian

Recently, actress Alicia Silverstone was feeling nostalgic enough to reenact the iconic bedroom scene from Clueless on her Instagram. This time, though, she did it with a very different Christian — Project Runway alumnus and fashion designer Christian Siriano. Just like the movie, the two are recorded watching the 1960s version of Spartacus when suddenly, Silverstone starts rubbing her feet against Siriano's ankle, complaining that her feet are cold. He responds by taking some pillows and patting them down on top of her in order to warm her up. Next, just like in the 1995 classic, she combs her hand through her hair and ends up rolling off the bed. But what happens next isn't exactly faithful to the movie canon.

In Silverstone's Instagram post, once she falls off the bed and declares "I'm fine" — in a voice that hasn't changed a single octave in the past 26 years — she doesn't follow up by asking her friend if he wants a glass of wine, and he doesn't reject her advance by declaring his fatigue and abruptly leaving. Instead, Siriano leaps off the bed on top of her while she giggles maniacally as he pretends to make out with her.

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Amy Heckerling's modern-day take on Jane Austen's novel Emma has gone on to become a pop culture classic, with new fans discovering Silverstone's comedic chops and Paul Rudd's seeming agelessness every year. A reboot series is reportedly in the works at Peacock, with a 2020s version of Dionne stepping into her bestie Cher's shoes after the latter goes missing, although no further news has come out about this updated take.

Meanwhile, the original Clueless is currently available to stream on Hulu, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime Video with a subscription. Check out Silverstone's chuckle-worthy Instagram post below.

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