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Saturday, August 21, 2021

30 Rock: The Best Liz Lemon Episodes

30 Rock was one of the most critically acclaimed shows of the last decade. The witty humor, lightning-speed jokes and wacky storylines made it unique, and the ton of references packed into every episode made it fun for TV lovers – the more you know about TV, the funnier it gets.

None of that would have been possible without Tina Fey, who wanted 30 Rock to be a semi-autobiographical, nonsensical glimpse of her years as a head writer on Saturday Night Live, and how they helped her learn to deal with some of the most bizarre situations in the TV world. Liz Lemon’s quirky personality, which is based on her own, illustrates how you need to have a thick skin in order to survive in the entertainment business.

So get your night cheese ready because we are listing the top 7 Liz Lemon episodes. Of course, one could argue that every episode was about Liz Lemon, but on this list we’re looking at the ones that helped shape and define the character, on top of being funny as hell. So do you want to go to there? Let’s get cracking!

7 – "The Head and The Hair" (Season 1, Episode 11)

This is one of the earliest episodes to illustrate how Liz has been damaged by past relationships. She’s gone through so many douchebags (including a crook) that she’s immediately suspicious when someone “normal” shows an interest in her. She meets “The Hair” (Peter Hermann) in the elevator of NBC and is baffled when the gorgeous guy seems to be genuinely interested in her.

After asking what his deal is and dropping lines like “if you’re a gay guy looking for a beard, I don’t do that anymore”, she bonds with him over the terrible service industry in New York (more on that later) and decides to give him a chance. After discovering a photo of her grandmother in his house, however, she realizes they are third cousins and calls it quits. Just another day in Liz Lemon world.

6 – “The Funcooker” (Season 3, Episode 14)

In this episode, we get a taste of Liz’s obsession with Star Wars and discover that, as much as she complains that nothing ever works in New York, she’s also part of the problem. Summoned for jury duty after being able to avoid it for many years, Liz decides to dress as Princess Leia and say stuff like “I don’t think it’s fair for me to be in the jury because I can read thoughts.

This act saved her many times when she lived in Chicago, but unfortunately for Liz, New York is filled with people who act crazy in order to get out of jury duty. It was a no-go. On the flip side, she ends up having an epiphany when she discovers the woman on trial set her co-workers on fire because she couldn’t stand having to take care of every single problem they had. In a strange coincidence, Liz also ends up setting fire to a room full of her employees, who all decide to obey her after they are rescued. Sure, she did it accidentally, but we know 30 Rock all too well to see the connection there.

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5 – “Reunion” (Season 3, Episode 5)

Liz always claimed she had been bullied in school, which is why she decides not to attend her high school reunion once she gets the invitation. But Jack (Alec Baldwin) convinces her to go and show her former classmates that she’s risen above high school drama, and how losers and nerds can end up being the boss with good careers in the Big Apple. The problem is… she wasn’t bullied at all.

As 30 Rock is mostly shown through the lens of Liz Lemon, the viewers (much like Liz herself) forget that snarky comments and sarcasm may come off as really hurtful. So, when Liz thought no one was hearing, she murmured insults under her breath that were so on point she ended up becoming the biggest bully in school. And the reason why everyone distanced themselves from her was because they were afraid of getting hurt by her words. Plot twist!

4 – “Verna” (Season 4, Episode 12)

We’re all worried about eating healthier from time to time and Liz is no exception. However, Liz’s first love is food and her second love is junk food, so this makes quitting a little more difficult for her. One of the running jokes in 30 Rock is Liz’s relationship with food, and it reaches its apex in this episode.

When Frank (Judah Friedlander) decides he’ll spend some time in Liz’s spare bedroom, she is bothered by his smoking and makes a pact: he can’t smoke for as long as she doesn’t eat junk food. Liz makes it through a full 12 hours without giving in. But the way she discovers she’s broken her promise is… unconventional.

After installing night-vision cameras in the apartment to catch Frank red-handed, Liz discovers, in full Paranormal Activity style, that she not only sleepwalks but sleep eats, going as far as ordering a pizza in the middle of the night and eating it whole without ever waking up. Oh, and she eats Frank’s cigarettes too.

3 – “Everything Sunny All the Time Always” (Season 5, Episode 22)

Another running joke on 30 Rock is skewering the idea that women are supposed to “have it all” (career, family, great body) with perfect balance and without going nuts. In one of the many times in which Liz tried to grab life by its horns, she decides that she’ll begin by fixing every problem in her apartment, and then her life, and then the world. Easy-breezy.

She starts off with the help of a metalinguistic song, but the plan is abruptly interrupted when she discovers there is a plastic bag stuck in a tree outside her apartment - and it’s impossible to get it out. She then starts talking to the plastic bag, and the plastic bag goes on to tell her how her life is a failure and there’s nothing she can do to fix it. Liz then proceeds to threaten the bag’s life and do whatever possible to get rid of it. Who hasn’t spoken to inanimate objects before? Show of hands?

2 – "Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001" (Season 4, Episode 7)

After coming up with the catchphrase “that’s a dealbreaker, ladies!”, in reference to the red flags every woman should look for when starting a relationship, Liz gets her own talk show. Liz, who had never been came-rah ready, was going to have an entire show for herself. What could go wrong?

Turns out, Liz was so insecure about her appearance she decided to undergo a suspicious overnight eye surgery to correct her vision so she wouldn’t need to wear glasses anymore. The problem is, not only does the surgery make her more self-conscious, it has terrible side effects.

First, she gets a haircut that would give Boris Johnson a run for his money. Then, she develops an aggressive second personality that badgers her through a mirror, like Gollum (Andy Serkis) did in Lord of the Rings. Finally, when her emotions get the best of her, she cries copiously… through her mouth. All of this makes her lock herself in her dressing room - exactly the kind of thing she always hated to deal with when actors would do it to her.

Liz eventually learns that putting yourself in the spotlight results in a huge amount of pressure, and decides it’s better to remain on the other side of the camera. But the hair stayed for many episodes until she was able to grow it back to normal.

1 – "The Tuxedo Begins" (Season 6, Episode 8)

After many years of fighting a personal war with New Yorkers, Liz decides to give in. She will no longer try to be the perfect citizen and will behave like everyone else. She then starts carrying her smelly gym bag everywhere, develops a flu she caught from people who don’t cover their mouths when they sneeze, and realizes she can get a seat in the subway if she dresses like an old lady.

And voilĂ . Liz is transformed by society into the worst version of herself: a figure that doesn’t believe in empathy and thinks that being chaotic is the only way to cope with this messed up world. Of course, back then it was a reference to Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight, but today it ties in perfectly with the Joaquin Phoenix version in Joker. Also, Liz dons a purple coat and wears her lipstick as if she had put it on during an earthquake. Don’t laugh. It was still better than Jared Leto.

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