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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Black Tape Project Model Name with Spring Summer Fashion Show

Black Tape Project is an exclusive tape art and alternative fashion organisation started by Miami Based Photographer Joel Alvarez. In this show; he fits black electric tapes on body of models wearing nothing in such a way that it looks like a swimwear fashion model. It brands itself as a artistic body tape with no residue and skin safe. With the Black Tape Project Models on its social timeline, @blacktapeproject has amassed a huge fan following of 528k Followers on Instagram.

Most of the internet lovers search for the black tape project spring summer 2019 model names as they love the way they are dressed up with the black artistic body tape. These models are bold enough to give the required eye grabbing, picturesque views to the pictures and videos. Read some of the Black Tape Project 2019 Model Names who hail from American City of New York, Miami and other parts of the world.

Black Tape Project Model Name - Spring Summer Fashion

  • Paige Munroe @paige_munroe 102k Followers (New York City)
  • Brandy Davis @brandydavisofficial 57.2k Followers (New York City)
  • Hannah Nicole @hannah_nicole_8 68.2k Followers (Jalisco. México)
  • Eli Divirgilio @eli_divirgilio_fit 109k followers (Italy)
  • Elizabeth @lizaratii 80.8k Followers (Moscow, Russia)
  • Vanessa Bedoya @vanessabed 126k Followers (Orlando, Florida)
  • Nicki Hill @nickihillofficial 31.7k Followers (Palm Beach, Florida)
  • Masha @mashadiduk 375k Followers (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Maria Chfrdez @mariachfrdez 232k Followers (New York, USA)
  • Tiffany Keller @tiffanykeller 393k Followers (Los Angeles, California)
  • Eriana Blanco @eriana_blanco 3.3 Million Followers (Miami, Florida)
  • Betsy Alvarez @betsyalvarezz 402k Followers (Miami, Florida)
  • Priscilla Huggins Ortiz @priscilla_huggins 677k Followers (Puerto Rico, Brazil)

Image Source: Instagram Blacktapeproject (@blacktapeproject)

All these models are often seen at Black Tape Project fashion shows held in Los Angeles, New York and Miami. Watch one of the Fashion Show with the Models here.

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