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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Priyanka Gandhi delivers first political speech in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who recently joined active politics as Congress general secretary from eastern Uttar Pradesh, delivered her first political speech at a rally in Gujarat's capital Gandhinagar on Tuesday.

During the public rally, Priyanka Gandhi not only invoked Mahatma Gandhi but also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the central government for raking up "useless issues" and ignoring core issues such as farm crisis and unemployment.

Here are ten key points to note from her speech.

1) Speaking to voters at the rally, Priyanka Gandhi said the country is made on the foundation of love, harmony, and brotherhood and that the situation in the country is "very sad" at present.

2) Priyanka Gandhi also told voters that only they have the power to vote accurately and warned them about "useless issues" should not be raised. "I realised that this country is built with love and harmony. I feel sad about the current situation in the country. There is no better nationalism than being aware. Your vote is your weapon," she said.

3) Sharing an anecdote, the Congress leader said her visit to Sabarmati Ashram made her realise the love for the country has been built upon two things: Mutual regard and goodwill. "There is no bigger power than this. Please awaken, your vote is a weapon. This weapon will empower you," she said.

4) The 47-year-old politician asked people to focus on pressing issues such as the falling rate of employment, women's safety, and farmer crisis. Attacking the ruling government, she asked, "What happened to the promise of 2 crore jobs, the Rs 15 lakh that was to come in accounts?"

5) Priyanka Gandhi warned people that many issues will be raked up before the Lok Sabha polls 2019 but people should be aware and vote wisely as a service to the nation.

6) She added only people have the power to change the current narrative in Indian politics and urged people to raise questions about pressing issues, not those which are raked up artificially ahead of the polls.

7) "How will youth get jobs, how will women feel safe, what will be done for farmers. These are the issues for elections," Priyanka Gandhi said.

8) Priyanka Gandhi further said that the country's institutions are being "destroyed" and that hatred is being spread. "Nothing matters more to us that you and I protect this nation, work for it and move forward together," she said.

9) Though party sources indicate that Priyanka Gandhi will not contest in the Lok Sabha polls, she is expected to play an instrumental role for Congress in the Lok Sabha polls.

10) Since becoming the Congress's general secretary for eastern UP, she has been working hard behind the scenes to boost Congress's chances. After assuming her new role, she has been speaking to ground level party workers to up the ante instead of expecting a miracle. She had even asked party members to strengthen booth-level organisations.

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