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Thursday, January 17, 2019

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghost writing is a really serious business. Not everyone can do make it out. Only professionals with years of experience in writing and publishing can be an ultimate ghostwriters.

So, Who are Ghostwriters?

Ghost writers are the writers who are hired by an author to write on their behalf in lieu of serious money but none of the credit for the material produced. A ghostwriter can be hired to write anything like web articles, blogs, script writing, biographies, sef help guides, novels and much more. The author takes all the credit for the original work produced, including all the original writing materials produced by the ghost writer.

The ghost is the person who is advance paid for completing the project but nit to taje credit of the ghost writing material. There are a number of ghostwriting agencies and professional ghostwriters out there who deliver are acclaimed for their work.

Why an author hire a Ghost Writer?

This seems an odd job where the person who does actual job is not credited buy yes it is common too. Ghostwriters are majorly hired by companies or authors who want to produce professional content for audience. Ghostwriters are a great help when someone wants to create new copy for a website or book, writing ads or business copy, or original production for both personal and professional use. Ghostwriters prominently work as freelancers as they are hired on project base.

A paid freelance writer is a best source to create amazing content which lures the audience. A ghostwriter is hired to bring this factor into the content through their writing acumen and professional experience.

Authors also hire ghost writers to write book for them. Here you must know one thing; Theok authors hire the ghost writer and not the ghost. If author hires only a ghost then ghost shares some credit along with the author. They may be liated a co-author of the book, novel or biographies.

The ghosts are credited in many ways:

In some case, the ghost may be listed as a coauthor or as the “editor” of the book, and generally this is listed somewhere in the acknowledgments page.

Sometimes the well known, “as told to —–” with the name of the ghost writer being mentioned is listed on the cover of the book. This is often the case when well known ghost writers are used by the books’ actual authors.

How Ghost Writers Make Money?

Ghostwriters often charge a very high fee for the writing job.In most cases, a ghost writer charges a fee of $10 to $25,000 to write a book and creates amazing content for thw authors. It depends on project size and confidentiality. Each book writing project spans over a period of three to six months.

For example, the ghost writer can take a lower fee in the case of a book which is very likely to sell widely and well, such as $10K paid in advance to write the book, a sum which can be paid all or partly out of a book advance. Then the ghost may take about 10-20% of the book’s gross profits over time as it is sold, perhaps with a ceiling cap or highest amount the ghost is allowed to make from the book’s gross profits. This method is only used when the book is nearly guaranteed to be published and to sell at high profits. Source: Freelance Writing

How to Become a Ghost Writer?

Ghostwriting is a much lucarative business but not a easy cup cake. A person needs to have years of experience in writing and content market. Mostly professionals such as journalists, bloggers, copywriters, authors go on to become ghostwriters. Only professional ghostwriters around the world are paid an handsome amount. Ghostwriters are paid for the plenty of experience they have as freelance writer, working in publishing industry, writing for their own blogs and journals.

Although every career or business has its highs and lows. The only fact you must know is what to deliver to the client as a ghost writer.

Is Ghostwriting ethical or legal?

Some of you will be thinking if ghostwriting is ethical. Yes if both ghostwriter and author have mutual consent over the agreement then it is completely legal and ethical to ghostwrite a book or publication. Big celebrities, executives, personalities may have communication problems or less writing skills so it is beneficial to consider hiring a ghostwriter with professional knowledge. It helps them fulfill the communication gap with audience.

Top 5 Ghostwriters in India

Pinaki Ghosh

He is a calcutta based ghostwriter who has written a number of books for authors all over the globe.

Aruna Chandrashekaran

She is a film writer based in Mumbai who has written six screen plays from fiction to romance genres.

Anupuma Purohit

She is a copywriter who has experience of working in several leading publishing houses.

Harsh Bhogale

He is a well known sports commentator who has ghost written books from many sports big wigs.

HY Sharda Prasad

A personality who has worked as media advisor to three prime ministers writing several speeches.
A man can become a ghost, but a ghost cannot become a man

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