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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Smart Display Ad Automation from Google

Now! Automate your display campaigns smartly with Google

Google is one of the largest internet companies in the world and Google Adwords is largest revenue source of the company which drives as much as 80% company revenue. So, upgrading Adwords timely and making it futuristic is a requisite for this billion dollar company. And yes! It is doing it too.

In Dec 2016; Google launched beta version of Smart Display Campaigns to test credibility of the service in Adwords. In testing phase; Google offered this service to selected brands and advertisers such as Trivago, Credit Karma and Hulu Japan and all of them reported to have 20% increased ROI on an average compared to Simple Display Campaigns of same scale. After successful trial, Smart display campaign is made available to all advertisers in April 2017.

Now your mind will be brainstormed with the questions like..

What is new in Smart Display campaigns?

Are you eligible to use it?

What budget, scale, effort and technical knowledge you need to apply it?

How it will benefit your marketing efforts? And much more..

So, let me brief you about smart display campaigns and solve your queries!

Display Advertising made Smart

Display ads are shown to people to build engagement with consumers and it is an early phase in purchase cycle. So it is very crucial to create an intuitive and targeted display ad to procure consumers. Google display ads get a wide platform of over 3 million apps and websites in Google Display Network which covers over 90% internet users.

While creating a display ad campaign in Adwords, you need to set everything such as target market, budget, duration, ad format. You need to create ads yourself and it depends on your creativity that what efficiency your ads can grab. You need to track your performance and revamp your ads timely. Overall, it is you who is creating everything and Adwords displayed what you created.

But using Smart Display Advertising; you can cut down your effort and benefit from machine learning capability of Google and have a data driven automated campaign. You only need to provide creative business assets and goals, rest is done by Adwords. Advertisers provide title, description, images and logo to be used in ads and set the budget, CPA and target. Then, Adwords creates seamless ads to fit anywhere in Google Display Network in various formats such as text, image and native and displays it across wide display network to interested viewers.

Adwords also optimize your budget and sets bids to help get more conversions at CPA set by you. This tailored bidding is result of advanced machine learning and auction based bidding capabilities of Adwords. Historical data of ad campaign is evaluated to find optimal CPA bid.

In this way, Google Adwords automates your display advertising and increases your ROI at lowest cost.

What you require to be Smart Display advertiser?

Smart Display advertising is available to every advertiser but you need to fulfill some requirements before setting up Smart advertisement campaign.

You must have conversion tracking tool enabled in Adwords account.

You must fulfill conversion based eligibility criteria – You must have got at least 50 conversions on display network and 100 conversions on search network in last 30 days.

You must have sufficient budget which is 10-15 times of your target CPA bid.

You must recollect your advertisement assets such as Logo, title, description and images.

Automation with some Limitation

Smart Display Advertising is efficient but as it has little limitation.

There are controls to manage where your ads appear on GDN and you can put account level exclusions and site or content category exclusions but it is not recommended to enable it. Smart Advertising target consumers based on their history and interest irrespective of which website they are on. If you use control it will limit the reach of your ad campaign and will lead to reduced results with reduced automatic targeting.

So, if you have a strict brand guideline and need precise controls on your campaign then you must not go for it.

Easy Remarketing with Smart Display

As discussed earlier, Smart Advertising uses historical data of ad campaign to build automatic targeting and right bids. If a person has visited your website, then he will be automatically targeted. Smart advertising combines contextual targeting and audience based targeting which helps in remarketing and reaches the consumers who can be converted.

So, Smart Display Advertising has empowered the campaigns with automation. It lets you meet your marketing goals more easily with automatic targeting and bidding. With this feature; Adwords will deliver more gain value at lowest budget to the advertisers.

So, be smart and go for it if you meet the eligibility.

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