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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Required Document Information for registration FCRA

According to the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, A NGO (Non-profit organization) company /corporation must explore the acceptance from Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs before accepting any funds from foreign authority. The process of registering an organization with FCRA is described here. Generally, it is an easy and simple process and takes very less time. However, you must prepare some documents before applying for FCRA Registration.

Before starting the process of certification you should ensure that:-

  1. Your organization is at least three years old.
  2. It does not have an origin Society which is already registered under FCRA.
  3. Majority of the members of the committee should not be on the committee of another Society, which is already registered under FCRA.
  4. The origin society of the candidate, if any, should not be based abroad.
  5. No foreigner is on the committee of the society.

The following main documents are required for registration purpose For FCRA registration.

  1. Form no. FC. 8.
  2. Copy of Memorandum of association and Rules & Regulation of your society.
  3. Copy of last three years audited accounts reports.
  4. List of office bearers.
  5. A note on the activity of the association during the past three years.
  6. Name and address of the bank

Registration method without complying to the above is likely to be useless. There are no legal requirements regarding the above situation. Internally Ministry of Home Affairs does not allow registration without ensuring the above major issues.

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