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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Is Website Essential for Online Presence?

Every business wants to go digital..

Building an online presence is very important to be visible online on various platforms, let it be search engine or social media. But how you can make an online presence? Many of you will say through a website. Yes, it is the best way but not the only way. It depends on your business goals that how you want to build an online presence. Not all businesses have a website but they have an online presence.

There are ways such as local listings, business application and social profiles which can help you create a digital presence without a website.

Local listings are the listing which is done by businesses on local business directories such as Google Business, Justdial, Bing Places, Sulekha and much more. Local listings help you create a profile on various local listing sites which are available online to view when someone searches for product or service you offer. If you have listed your coffee cafe on Google business and someone searches for “ local cafĂ©“ then they will see your Google business page even if you don’t have a website. You can include call to action such as “Call Now”, “Buy Now”, ”Sign Up” along with listing which will help you customer interact with you.

Almost every social media channel like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others allow you to have a business profile. On you business profile you can share interactive media such as photos and videos, information about your product and services or anything with which consumer can engage. Nowadays, social media is also used as a consumer engagement tools also.

Business Applications are also most important element in today’s digital world. Apps are totally interactive which can help your customer in navigating information about product and services, buying products, leaving reviews and much more..

At last, local business listings and social media profiles are totally free until and unless you take paid services. These are really beneficial if you have limited budget but you want to have an online presence. These methods help you in improving you brand presence.

But yes! websites are ultimate.. you can’t ignore them. If your business needs a website, don’t ignore it. It is always more beneficial to have your own digital space instead of just having presence on social media and listing sites...

So, Plan your goals, get an online presence as required by your business.

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