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Friday, January 18, 2019

Importance of BIS Hallmark

Purchasing gold jewelry in India is the most common thing for all class of people. In contrast with, do you know if your jewelry is not hallmarked then the amount you invested in precious metal is not worth? Here, comes the importance of BIS hallmark.

Let us understand what is Hallmark?

Hallmark on gold jewelry essentially symbolizes the purity of gold, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the accreditation agency which certifies and hallmark gold jewelry. The BIS system of hallmarking started on April 2000. A hallmark consists of a carat, stamp of BIS, year of mark and jeweler's identification mark. Therefore, BIS hallmark license certification is necessary.

A three-digit number on hallmark shows the purity of gold. For example, a BIS 916 hallmark means 91.6 % purity of gold for 22-carat gold, 750 would mean to 18-carat purity.

According to BIS standards, The fineness marks are the 958, 916, 875, 750, 585 and 375 showing 23, 22, 21, 18, 14 and 9 carats, respectively.

Importance of Hallmark Jewellery

The significance of BIS hallmark is -

1)When you sell the jewelry, you will get 100 percent value of your jewelry if it is hallmarked.

2) The BIS hallmark jewelry is a mark of conformity of purity of gold and also a jeweler. That means you can take the quality of gold as to be certified and guaranteed.

3) However, if the jewelry is not hallmarked then you can avail 70-75%. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has allowed gold loan companies to avail loan of the full value of hallmarked jewelry to borrowers.

4) Any person can easily distinguish a genuine precious metal from fake jewelry. Nowadays, jewelers also carry their personal hallmark but, go for BIS hallmark because it is widely accepted.


The importance of BIS hallmark is pertinent in this era. BIS hallmark is extremely important and you must find an ISO certified company for such verified registrations. GSB Taxation is one such company which will help you in pursuing your BIS hallmark registration dream at reasonable price.

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