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Friday, January 11, 2019

ESI Registration Benefits


ESI registration is the need of every company in this era. Employee State Insurance (ESI) registration is commanded by the Employee State Insurance Corporation which is a self-governing body created by the law under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India.

The scheme of ESI is started for Indian workers initially. The workers are provided with a huge variety of medical, monetary and other benefits from the organization.

A company which is holding more than 10 employees or workers (in some states it is 20 employees) having a maximum salary of Rs. 15000/- has to register itself with the ESI.

What are the benefits of ESI Registration?

The benefits of ESI registration are as follows:

  1. The major benefit of this registration is Illness benefits in the form of salary at the rate of 70%. In case of any certified illness, it continues for a maximum of 91 days in any year.
  2. .Medical Benefits to an employee and his family members in case of any certified sickness.
  3. Maternity Benefits are given to women who are pregnant employees (paid leaves) in the form of paid leaves for three months.
  4. In the case of the death of any employee/ while he/she was on work – 90% of the salary is given to his dependents every month after the death of the employee.
  5. Exact will happen in the case of disability of the employee. Work will be paid at the rate of 90% of the monthly pay of the concerned employee.
  6. Funeral expenses, physical rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, old age medical care, etc.
  7. Old age care medical expenses.

Documents required are:-

  • PAN Card of company/proprietor/partnership/LLP.
  • List of employees. Minimum employees should be 10.
  • In the case of partnership/ LLP partnership deed is required.
  • Aadhar card of directors/ partners/proprietor.
  • In the case of company MOA, AOA & COI is required.
  • Dsc of authorised director/partner/proprietor


ESI registration is way important for Indian workers health insurance and safety. Every company should register ESI for the better future of their workers.

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