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Monday, January 7, 2019

Article Marketing For Effective SEO

Link building is crucial part of modern SEO strategy. Earlier only quantity of back links were considered by search engines. But now their algorithms have advanced. They don’t evaluate only quantity but they also consider the quality of back link. It makes link building more challenging. One of the ways to generate valuable back-links is article marketing.

What is Article Marketing?

According to Wikipedia; article marketing is a type of advertising in which companies write and distribute short articles to a range of outlets such as forums, news publishers and blog/article directory.

It is one of the off page SEO techniques which ensures that you gain attention of huge online audience. If you produce fresh and researched content, it can draw you a considerable traffic and attention. It will further increase your ranking on various search engines by increasing natural back-links.

What are advantages of article marketing?

Article marketing has many advantages which makes it a choice of all online marketers. It helps marketers to earn new audience and drive traffic and sales positively. Great content helps marketers earn back-links which increases web asset’s value and trust.

Article marketing has following advantages:

  • Increased brand awareness – If the articles produced by the organization have quality and attraction, then readers are going to love it. Quality in articles showcases quality of organization. It helps in building trustful relationships with readers. Readers share and praise the content online which helps in increasing brand awareness.

  • Improved rankings – Search engine companies want to earn money just like any other company. They can earn profit when they will show valuable and relevant results and it will result in a good user experience. If you have relevant and fresh content then you are likely to be ranked high by any search engine. It will improve your search engine optimization.

What are qualities of relevant article?

Article marketing does not mean that you write 100 articles and submit it on different anonymous channels. Instead of writing 100 articles for anonymous channels, write only 10 articles with rich and relevant data for authoritative domains. Authoritative domain websites are trusted and valued more. Search engines assume that back-links from authoritative domains have more trust and quality.

While writing articles writer must induct 3A’s to the article:

3A’s to the article:

  • Appealing – This quality make content desirable. A reader will surely share the article socially. This quality can only be induced by in-depth research, honesty and justification of data.

  • Achieving – This quality helps marketers achieve the goals behind article marketing. We write articles to get quality readers which converts into consumers. Before writing article know your audience, organization and what, where and how of your topic.

  • Attainable – Content should be easily accessible to the audience. Doesn’t matter how good content you write but if it is not easily available, no one is going to waste their time. So, don’t use interstitial ads to access your data. It will decrease audience as well as SEO ranking.

  • Acceptable – Data used in article is collected from various sources. How will you decide the credibility of data? It is not necessary that collected data is legitimate. Data should talk about roots of the topic. It should not be copied as it can raise copyright issues and it can be fined well.

Following above factors can help you create an enriching data. It will draw natural back-links for your site and will increase leads and traffic. You will earn traffic and audience instead of buying them.

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