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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Only 62% of all registered companies active

As per the reports of MCA, only 62% of the over 18 lakh registered companies in India were active at the end of october. Majority of active businesses were business services sector companies.  Over 6 lakh companies were shut down and went to regulatory processes which leaves the number to 11 lakh during october.

Business in India are required to file company registration as per the Company Act, 2013.

Among the total registered companies, 6.46 lakh entities were shut down and 39,736 companies were in the process of being deregistration under MCA.

As many as 9,565 companies were converted to Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs).

MCA released data about the companies that over 11.09 lakh entities were limited by shares, out of which 64,547 were public, 1,044,806 were private including 19,555 one person companies. Among the public limited companies, 6,960 were listed.

Maharashtra had the highest number of registered companies (3.59 lakh) while Delhi (3.26 lakh) is at second and West Bengal (1.98 lakh) at third.

As per MCA data; 3.57 lakh active companies were engaged in business services while 2.23 lakh firms were into manufacturing.

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