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Friday, December 7, 2018

How to get trade license in Delhi?

Trade License is a permission certificate issued by local municipal corporation to operate a particular business at a particular local address. It is mandatory to ensure that the business will not effect citizens and the environment around it adversely through any improper business activity. It also binds business entity into state laws, rules, standards and safety guidelines. It is a cumbersome process therefore it is recommended to consult a top CA firm for smooth documentation, application and approval of the trade license.

How to get trade license in Delhi?

To obtain trade license in Delhi; a person has to apply for trade license by submitting duly filled application form online on official website of Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

Here is step wise guide explaining how to get trade license in Delhi.

Step 1: Fill the form on this page with relevant and correct details.

Step 2: A representative will get in touch with you to know your eligibility.

Step 3: We will ask you for the required documents for trade license.

Step 4: We will verify your documents as per the scrutiny of rules.

Step 5: If documents are found correct; we will ask you for required fee.

Step 6: On fee submission; we will file trade license application on your behalf.

Step 7: We will coordinate with the relevent MCD department for timely application processing.

Step 8: Your trade license certificate will be delivered to your doorsteps.

Note: It takes 10-15 working days for successful processing of trade license application

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