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Saturday, December 29, 2018

How to Create a Result Oriented Digital Marketing Strategy?

Steps to Create a Result Oriented Digital Marketing Strategy

Businesses around the globe are investing more marketing budget on digital marketing than they did earlier. But according to various studies, 50 percent of the brands fail to plan a clear and result oriented digital marketing strategy which hinders achievement of their marketing goals. Some brands have done it but they fail in application of the strategy.

Creating digital marketing strategy is not an easy task. However, if you follow five steps given below, you are guaranteed to get favourable results in your digital marketing efforts.

Create Goals and Objectives

The first and most important step in creating digital marketing strategy is setting goals and objectives that marketing strategy wants to achieve. Without a goal plan, your action plan will not be aligned with business goals. Goals must be specific, attainable, realistic and focussed. Write down what you want to achieve from your digital marketing efforts. How you will track your goals and efforts.

For an example, if business wants to increase 10% online sales then digital marketing goal must be 50% more lead generation than previous year.

Create an Audit Report

Before creating a digital marketing strategy, you need to have knowledge of current status of different marketing channels. You need to know the level of engagement on different marketing channels. Knowing current status of marketing strategy will give you an idea about which channel or content must be retained, improved or deleted.

Audits should clearly define how much digital media is owned, earned or paid. It is not necessary to use all type of traffic. If you have high quality owned and earned media, you may not need to pay for media.

For example, you have a blog (owned media) with content created by you. You shared that blog on other channels which is liked and shared by your audience which increased traffic on your blog (earned media). You also paid for ad to drive traffic on your blog (paid media).

Integrate Research and Create Plans

Now you have done an in depth research and you know what you want to achieve and what you have achieved till now. You have foundation to plan new digital marketing strategy. Integrate all research documents like goal and objective document and audit report to create a final and solid strategy. Your strategy must define the actions to be taken to achieve your goals and objectives of digital marketing.

Your strategy plan document must be detailed, focussed and structured. It is your action plan to achieve your goal plan. It is the roadmap which will be followed in a period of time to reach the targets of digital marketing.

Take Inspiration from Industry Leader

You know what content, topic and post will increase traffic to your marketing channel, you should analyze industry leaders. They have a huge digital engagement and experience in maintaining that engagement. You can learn by analyzing their post, content and strategy. It will help you create an engaging content strategy for your digital channels.

Create Tracking Strategy

Tracking is mandatory to know if your strategy is working to the expected level. It lets you know mistakes and improvements needed to reach the targets set in goal plan. There are different analytic tools which can be use to know the demography, geography, source and other various statistics of digital traffic. There are URL shorteners which can be used to track number of click on any link on social media.

So, use a structured approach of audit, planning, execution and analysis to develop a perfect digital marketing plan to reach an appreciable engagement and traffic on digital platform.

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