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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Difference between Copyright Trademark and Patent

Intellectual Property is a new kind of investment and a virtual asset for any individual, company or organisation. Every year businesses all around world make billions in revenue through this business. That's why it is necessary to protect your brand, logo or business researches through trademark, patent and copyright registrations.

For trademark, copyright or patent registration, applicant has to file application with the local IPR office. They look into the application and assign you the certification after clearing all objections. Before filing registration application; a person or company must have knowledge of difference between copyright, trademark and patent.

Although all three of them are to protect intellectual property rights but they are meant for different circumstances.

Let's check the differences between copyright, trademark and patent...

Trademark Registration

A trademark is applied to word, phrase, logo and design which symbolizes any organisation and differentiates them from other similar competitors. A trademark is most valuable asset for a business and a business must do their best to protect it from infringement. Apply for trademark search and registration.

Copyright Registration

A copyright is applied on any form of original material or work. Through copyright registration; a owner gets rights on his production like right to distribute, reproduce, public display and more. It allows the owner to share the rights of the material to one or many persons or organisations. Owner has power to decide the usage of copyright material. Apply for copyright registration.

Patent Registration

A patent is applied on inventions or new research work for technologies, scientific processes, manufactures, software. It helps the inventor to disclose the research work in public with some exclusive rights. Apply for patent search and filing.

View video below to know more about copyright, trademark and patent differences

Source: Legalzoom

Differences between Trademark, Copyright and Patent Registration

Itemsword, phrase, symbol, and/or designOriginal works such as books, articles, songs, photographs, recordings, motion picturesInventions, such as processes, machines, manufactures, softwares
Validity10 years, requires renewal application 30 days before expiryOwner's Life plus 70 years.20 years
Owner RightsRight to use trademark on goods and services.Prevents copyright material from being infringed and control the production, distribution and display of material in publicPrevents patent inventions from selling and production

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