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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Trademark registration has a number of benefits for the business and brands. It helps increase the credibility and reliability of brand and services among consumers. A trademark is also an intellectual property which act as an asset.

Legal Protection from penalties

Trademark registration give legal advantage to business while claiming loss due to infringement and copied logo, name or design. It gives legal right to owner to control the use of business name and logo.

Unique Identity among consumers

A business is known through its log, name thus trademark act as an unique identity for the business. No other business can use similar name to distribute the products.

Creation of Intellectual Asset

Registered trademark are and asset for company or organisation. It can be monetized through the franchise, distribution rights and more.

Trust Building in Market

As registered trademarks are unique logo and name; they build trust in market. This trust finally results in promotion and development of business.

Brand Promotion

Registered trademark is easily searchable as it is available in official IPR database. It also helps you to get popular among people which are a great sign for your company.



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