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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Benefits of FSSAI License Registration

What is FSSAI License?

FSSAI food license is required for food business in India. If you want to run a food processing unit, packaged food business, restaurant or any food business, then you are required to register for food license in India. You need to submit the required documents along with food license application for successful registration and approval.

Advantages of FSSAI License

By obtaining a FSSAI License, a business owner gets a competitive edge and various benefits by the government. Below are the advantages of FSSAI license to the business.

Legal Protection

By obtaining FSSAI license, a business gets legal advantage against any penalty or prosecution. If a food business has no food license certificate, the business will be considered as illegal and can be penalised by the respective authorities.

Consumer Acceptance

With a variety of food products in market, consumer has to make right choice of food for health and nutrition. A FSSAI certification is a mark of trust for the consumers. They tend to prefer FSSAI certified products as they are tested for quality by the government labs.

Business Expansion

FSSAI certification increases the brand value of the product and business. Thus improving chances of business expansion to new areas.

Permission to use FSSAI Logo

After approval from FSSAI department, a food business gets permission to use FSSAI logo on food products improving the reliability of product.

It improves the reliability and credibility of food products.

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