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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Patent Registration Procedure, Document, Fee, Validity

A Patent is applied on new and inventive research for an existing technological problem. The inventor can apply for patent registration of the research or invention to inhibit the infringement. The patent rights are granted by the government in exchange for public disclosure of the invention.


Patent registration are under jurisdiction of The Patent Office, Controller General of Patents, Designs & TradeMarks. Patent applications can be filed online with provisional or complete specification, at the appropriate Patent Office.


Patent filing/ registration is governed by the Section 3 of Patent Act 1970.


Online Patent Registration Process


Step 1 : Patent Search

Before applying for patent registration; applicant must go through patent search to avoid cancellation of the patent application.


Step 2 : Patent Drafting

In this step, the applicant drafts all important documents required for patent registration application.


Step 3 : Patent Application Filing

After patent search and document drafting, it is time for patent filing with the regional patent office.


Step 4 : Publication of the Patent

Now the patent application is published in the journal to accept any objections with the patent application.


Step 5 : Request for Patent Verification

Then a request is issued for verification and examination of the work to be patented.


Step 6 : Issuance of Verification Report

The verifying authority issues a verification report for the invention, novel or the work submitted for patent filing.


Step 7 : Hearing at the Patent Office

On a scheduled date, the controller office holds a hearing to justify the invention and patent application.


Step 8 : Issue of Patent Certificate

After all successful steps, the patent office issues the patent certificate to the applicant.


Advantages of Patent Registration

Patent registration gives a number of advantages to the owner or inventor of the work. The patent owners get following benefits from the registration of patent.


  1. Legal Advantage in case of Patent infringement.

  2. 20 years validity of the Patent certificate.

  3. Inhibits competitors to copy your technique.

  4. Patent Filing gives competitive advantage.

  5. A Patent is an intellectual property of the owner.

Patent Registration Fees and Cost

Patent Filing costs is variable as per the rule and regulations of patent offices.

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Validity of Patent Registration India

Patent certificate has a validity of 20 years from the date of patent filing.


This is the complete guide on how to file patent in India.


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