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Monday, October 8, 2018

How to Apply GST Registration for Proprietorship Firm?

A proprietorship firm registration is valid through the tax registrations. It is required to apply for GST registration for proprietorship firm in order to maintain regulatory and tax compliance. Apply for proprietorship registration online and submit the GST application form by following the below procedure to apply GST for proprietorship firm in India.

GST Registration Process for Proprietorship Firm

Here is a step wise guide to apply gst for proprietorship firm online. You can submit GST registration application easily by following the below process to register for GSTIN for proprietorship firm. Prior to that you must prepare documents required for GST registration.

  1. Go to the official GST application portal

  2. Click “New Registration” option in “Services” section

  3. Fill the new registration form and click Proceed.

  4. Now validate your phone number and email by OTP.

  5. On successful OTP validation, you will get a TRN which will be used to apply and submit GSTIN application form.

  6. Now login into the portal using TRN and OTP on mobile.

  7. Now fill business details on subsequent form.

  8. On next form, submit the details of proprietor of the firm.

  9. After successful submission of form, you will have to submit details like authorized signatory, place of business, details of goods and services.

  10. Next step is to submit bank account details and click save and continue.

  11. On next window you will be asked to verify the application details.

  12. On successful confirmation, ARN will be generated which will be used for tracking of GSTIN application status.

Here ends the process to apply GST for proprietorship firm online.

Submit GST Registration Application for Proprietorship Firm

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