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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

BIS Hallmark Registration - Standards, Documents and Procedure

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) has an internationally acclaimed certifying procedure for precious jewellery. It has specifies BIS standards for hallmark certification which defines various purity grade for gold and silver jewellery. Hallmark registration helps businessmen get trust of consumer in their products as buyers tend to prefer hallmark certified gold and silver jewellery.

BIS Standard for Hallmark Registration

Testing of the gold and silver jewellery is undertook in government approved assaying and hallmarking centers which are under strict provision and monitoring of Bureau of Indian Standards.


BIS Hallmark for Gold Jewellery

Hallmark BIS certification for gold jewellery was introduced in year 2000. BIS Gold purity grade shows how pure the gold is.

  • 999 – 24 carat – Pure Gold

  • 958 – 23 carat

  • 916 – 22 carat

  • 875 – 21 carat

  • 750 – 18 carat

  • 708 – 17 carat

  • 585 – 14 carat

  • 417 – 10 carat

  • 375 – 9 carat

  • 333 – 8 carat

BIS hallmark for Silver Jewellery

Hallmark certification for silver jewellery was introduced in year 2005. BIS follows IS 2112 to issue certification for silver jewellery and artifacts.


Hallmark Registration Procedure

A jeweller must get expert consultation from the leading business consultants for smooth hallmarking process. It will result in time saving and cost effective BIS hallmarking for gold and silver jewellery.


BIS Hallmark Certification Documents

A jeweller can apply for hallmarking of gold and silver jewellery if he fulfills the document required for BIS Hallmark.

  • Certificate of Company Registration

  • Proof of business premises of the jeweller

  • Duly signed BIS Certification application

  • Identity proof of the Applicant

  • Payment of requisite processing fees

  • Signing of an agreement as per the specified format


BIS Hallmark Registration Process

  • Document preparation for BIS registration

  • Agreement Preparation on stamp paper of INR 100/- in prescribed format

  • Fill the BIS Hallmark application form

  • Pay the requisite fee for BIS application processing

  • A inspection will be carried out by the BIS inspector


Importance for BIS Certification for Jewellers

BIS hallmark certification has importance for a jeweller in a number of manners. It is a symbol of trust which can boost the business by a number of times. Here are some of the points which describe the importance of Hallmarking for Jewellers.

  • Trust in jewellery / precious stone

  • Quality assurance for the jewellery product

  • Legal protection against infringement

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Business Growth


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Identifiers of Hallmarked Jewellery

A hallmark gold and silver jewellery can be easily identified as it contains four identity remarks on them.

  1. BIS Logo is present on the jewellery

  2. Purity status number of gold jewellery

  3. Logo of BIS assaying center

  4. Logo or code of the jeweller


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