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Friday, October 12, 2018

Agmark Certification - Process, Documents, Products

AGmark is a certification approved and issued by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection to various agricultural products such as spices, honey, ghee, vegetable oils, fruits, vegetables, processed food. The applicant has to apply for AGmark certification in India to get certification for agricultural products.


AGmark Full Form is Agricultural Certification Mark

AGmark issued by Directorate of Marketing and Inspection under Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers, GOI  which is the prime AGmark certification agency and this certification is governed by Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act. AGmark Specifications is specified by the certification authority for all agricultural products. After certification, the agriculturalist are allowed to use AGmark logo on products they produce and distribute in market.


Step Wise AGmark Registration Process

  1. Document Preparation

    Prepare documents before filing application for certification.

  2. Application Filing

    After proper document preparation, now it is time to file application for Agmark registration.

  3. Submission of Application

    After filing the application, submit the application to the regional AGmark office.

  4. Inspection of Products

    After application review, the authority officers pay a visit for inspection on site.

  5. Issue of Certificate

    If testing results are found positive to the quality standards, the authority will issue AGmark certificate to the applicant.


Documents required for AGmark certification

  1. Certificate of incorporation

  2. Fire safety certificate

  3. Site plan

  4. Machinery details

  5. Trademark registration certificate

  6. PAN of company/ individual

  7. Address proof of business premises

  8. Bank certificate


AGmark registration cost is around 1 lakh (approximately) and the certification mark is issued within 30-40 days.


List of AGmark Products in India

AGmark certification covers quality standards and guidelines for around 222 agricultural products including cereals, vegetable oils, fruit and vegetables. The AGmark certification is issued after inspection of the agricultural products in fully owned AGmark laboratories.

Agricultural products are tested in the laboratories through four main processes that are chemical analysis, microbiological analysis, pesticide residue and aflatoxin analysis. You may have one question that AGmark certification is compulsory for which food product.

Here is the Important AGmark Products List

  1. Whole spices

  2. Ground spices

  3. Ghee

  4. Butter

  5. Vegetable oils

  6. Mustard oil

  7. Honey

  8. Food grains (wheat)

  9. Wheat products (atta, suji, and maida)

  10. Gram flour

  11. Soybean seed

  12. Bengal gram

  13. Ginger

  14. Oil cake

  15. Non edible oil

  16. Oils and fats

  17. Animal casings

  18. Meat

  19. Other food products


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