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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

ISO 9001 Certification Process & Requirements

ISO 9001 Certification Process & Requirements

ISO 9001 is a set of quality management standards designed by International Standards Organization (ISO) to ensure that organizations/ companies perform their operations and along with complying with the statutory and regulatory compliance related to the business product or services. A business entity has to apply for ISO certification application to get ISO accreditation certificate.

Seven Principles of ISO Certification

ISO certification is based on seven quality management principles (QMP) which are listed below:

  • QMP 1 - Customer Focus

  • QMP 2 - Leadership Management

  • QMP 3 - People Engagement

  • QMP 4 - Business Operation Approach

  • QMP 5 - Improvement Procedure

  • QMP 6 - Decision Making Process

  • QMP 7 - Relationship Management


ISO 9001 Certification Process

1: Initial Preparation for ISO Certification Application

The organization is required to be ready to meet the quality standards specified by the ISO 9001 certification process. It includes implementation of ISO standards on top, middle and low level management of the incorporated company. Company must hold training and awareness programs for its employees to prepare them to meet the quality standards.

2: Document Preparation for ISO Certification

To apply for ISO registration, the organization is required to keep ready following listed documents to meet the ISO 9001 certification requirements.

  1. Quality policy documents

  2. Process Map

  3. Working instructions

  4. Procedure documents

  5. Quality objectives

  6. Company Form

  7. Scope of quality management system

3: Implementation of the Plan and Processes

After you create the plan for iso certification, it is time to implement the ISO 9001 certification process standards throughout the company.

4: Internal Quality Assurance Audit

It is the process of internal assessment and evaluation if the organization meets the ISO quality standards.

5: Select The ISO 9001 Registrar

An organization must select right ISO 9001 registrar to get ISO 9001 certification. There are many vendors in Market but you need to select officially accredited ISO registration consultant.


ISO 9001 Certification Requirements

For successful ISO 9001 certification process, the applicant entity is required to submit following listed documents.

This is the first set of documents to meet ISO 9001 certification requirement which include the details of policy, objectives, records and manual of the quality management systems.

1: Quality Document

(A) Quality Manual

It is a document that includes all quality management procedures, scope, exclusions, series, policies and requirement in detail .

(B) Quality Policy

It is a document that defines the quality policy and objectives for quality and commitment to quality management systems.

(C) Quality Objectives

It is a document that defines the details of organizational goals and customer expectations through the quality management system.

(D) Quality Records

It is a document that contains the records and document detail of all QMS.

Now comes second set of documents as specified in ISO 9001 certification requirements which include detailed documents which specify the procedures to control various business operations.

2: Procedure Details

  1. Control of Documents

  2. Control of Records

  3. Internal Audit Process

  4. Control of Non-Conforming Product

  5. Corrective Action

  6. Preventive Action


This is the complete details of ISO certification process and requirements. Over one million companies in the world are ISO certified which make it an important and widely used certification management systems in world. An applicant must check all these requirements before filing an application for ISO certification in India. Choose the accredited ISO certification consultant for easy and secure certification process.

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