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Thursday, September 27, 2018

How to Renew FSSAI License Certificate Online?

FSSAI license is an important business license required by all food business operators in India. All food business operators such as manufacturers, dealers and suppliers are required to obtain food license to commence business operations smoothly. Along with FSSAI license registration; it is equally important for food entrepreneurs to file fssai license renewal application online.

Validity of FSSAI Food License

A food license issued by FSSAI is valid for 1 to 5 years depending on number of years chosen by the food entrepreneur. The cost of the FSSAI license registration depends upon the number of years chosen while Food license registration. In case of expiration of FSSAI license, applicant is required to file food license renewal application at least 30 days before the expiry of the license. If license is applied for renewal after the expiry; then a penalty will be levied on existing license.

Important Points about FSSAI License Renewal

    1. FSSAI license renewal is necessary compliance for Food license holders

    1. FSSAI license renewal application must be filed 30 days before the license expiry

  1. If application is made after the expiry, a penalty will be levied at rate of 100 INR per day

FSSAI License Renewal Process

    1. Applicant has to submit duly filled Form A and B in order to apply for FSSAI license renewal.

    1. Submit the required documents along with the application for successful application.

    1. The submitted application is reviewed by the authority for mistakes and documents.

    1. If application is filed successfully, a inspection team will inspect the premises for the standards specified the the FSSAI authority.

    1. On successful inspection of the premises, the license will be issued by the Food Safety Standards Authority of India.

  1. It will be delivered to you within 60 days but you can carry out your operations further without any notices.

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