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Thursday, September 6, 2018

How to Apply NSIC Registration Online?

National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC) is a PSU established by the Government of India in 1955 It falls under Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises of India. NSIC registration online certification is given to MSMEs and the authority works for growth and advancement of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) through various plans and strategies such as single point registration for purchase, sales support, marketing support for business growth.


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Stepwise Online NSIC Registration Guide

  1. For nsic registration online go to the official website of nsic.
  2. Then submit the prescribed application form to the concerned of Zonal/Branch Office of NSIC located nearest to the unit.
  3. In case of any difficulty in filling the application form and completing the documentation, please consult any of the Zonal / Branch office of NSIC.
  4. Application form containing all terms & conditions are available free of cost from all offices of the NSIC registration online.
  5. Guidelines attached with the Application Form provide a checklist for the documents that are required to be submitted along with the application.
  6. The NSIC registration Fee is based on the Net Sales Turnover.

You can get easy online registration service by consulting the leading business consultants in India for NSIC registration online. You just have to fill the simple NSIC application form at source below to get successful NSIC registration in India.

Click here to apply NSIC registration online

Benefits of NSIC Certificate

NSIC registration certificate has a number of benefits for the MSMEs. It helps them in government tenders and business policies.

  1. Business are issued tender Sets for free
  2. Exemption from EMD
  3. MSME gets preference in tenders
  4. Government departments/ PSUs make 20% of annual purchases from MSME

Online Renewal of NSIC Certificate

NSIC certificate is issued for a period of two years to MSMEs under Single Point Registration scheme (revised), 2003. After two years, MSME has to file nsic registration renewal application form to get reviewed  by the authority for commercial and technical competence for online renewal of NSIC certificate.

Get complete details of documents required for nsic registration


If you want to download complete document in .pdf format which has details of document required for NSIC registration and procedure, you can download it from below link.

Download NSIC Certificate Online PDF

Here are more important NSIC Certificate PDF Download

  1. Raw Material Assistance
  2. Credit Rating Scheme
  3. Infomediary Services
  4. Marketing Intelligence Cell
  5. Exhibition
  6. Software Trade Park (STP)
  7. Consortia and Tender Marketing Scheme 

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