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Saturday, September 29, 2018

5 Qualities of a Professional Business Name

There are numerous business houses out there. To stand out in this stiff competition, each and every business has to work out on their branding. This is a crucial step in company registration process. You must now that business name is the identity of your business under which whole business operations work and your consumers know you. That’s why it is necessary to choose a catchy business name to fit in consumer mind. Here, we are going to discuss 6 qualities of a business name which makes it professional but catchy.

5 Qualities of a Business Name

Short and Concise

A business name must be concise and short so that it can be memorized easily. Short terms can be spelled and read easily, thus choosing a short name can be historic for your company.

Unique and Legal

A business name must stand out with its own unique identity but simultaneously it must follow the legal regulations and must not infringe any existing brand name.

Matches Company Goal

A business name must match the company profile and goals. It must deliver your core message to the consumers out there.

Meaningful Name

A business name must be meaningful and deliver the right essence of company goals.

Not to be Offensive

The business name must not be offensive in any way. It must not disrespect any cast, creede of any specific section of society.


These factors must be kept in mind at time of choosing company name for the business to be registered in MCA. Entrepreneurs must choose a professional name which is meaningful and catchy to target right business section.


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